How Does It Work?

In order to receive credit for your traffic, you will first need to sign up with our affiliate program. You will then be provided a unique tracking ID, which will be included in the links from your site.

The process starts at your website, where you will place an advertisement for the Respond service. The user either clicks through to our site, or fills out a form directly.

Here are examples of the most common types of advertisements:

  Text ads are easily integrated with your site. You can customize them to fit the copy of your site so that visitors can relate to the ad. These ads works best when placed inline with the actual article, rather than off to the side.
  Banner ads work well on sites that don't want to intrude on their content, but have room in the outer margins. Our typical ads are 160x600 skyscraper ads.
  Iframes - For the best conversion rates, you can host our forms directly on your site. The advantage is visitors never need to leave your page, and the branding is left bare so users are less likely to see it as an advertisement.

When the user fills out the form, we then match their details to the vendors in our database. These vendors each pay us a certain amount per lead. You then receive 30% commission based on the matching lead fees.

Here is an example. You run a web site about starting businesses on the internet. You decide to put up an ad for our Electronic Shopping Cart category, because your users might be interested in processing orders online.

The visitor clicks on our advertisement, and is taken to a form asking them to describe what kind of shopping cart they need. Once they press the submit button, we match them with up to 5 vendors.

Potential Profit:
Ecommerce companies are paying $30 per lead
Their request matches 3 of the 5 slots

Our total revenue is 3 * $30 = $90
You would receive 30% of this revenue, or .3*90 = $27

Payouts vary based on category and number of matching requests. Choosing the appropriate categories that fit your site is key to being successful with our affiliate system.