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Comparison to Other Acquisition Techniques

  Cost Per New Client Reach Results
The per-lead cost is low, and the conversion rate is high. This ensures that the cost per new client will be very low. Phenomenal -- reaches a highly targeted yet expansive nationwide pool of potential clients who are specifically seeking your expertise. Provides some of the highest return on investment in advertising, given the targeted nature of the service.
Free, and these will continue while also receiving leads through Very limited -- only reaches acquaintances of current clients. Undependable stream of referrals.
Cold Calling / Direct Mail The per-lead cost is low, but the conversion rate is extremely low. The cost per new client can be enormous.

Varies according to the effort put into it. Can be frustratingly ineffective.
Seminars Large investment of time and money. Low - only reaches attendees. No guarantee that investment will pay off.
Advertising Very expensive. High. No guarantee that investment will pay off.

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