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Joshua Wood Creative

143 1/4 South Commonwealth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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Visit us at www.fluidityproductions.com

Business Description

Offering a unique, fresh perspective, Photographer Josh Wood focuses on simplicity and style, producing exceptionally clean, vibrant and expressive photographs.

Taking a very humble, often Zen approach to his work, Josh ensures a relaxed, fun environment for his clients. Book a session with Josh and relax into your best look ever.

Services include:

Individuals, couples, groups, home, work, environmental, boudoir, occasions, announcements, gift certificates

Head Shots and Portfolios
Actors, artists, musicians, models, performers, executives, professionals, commercial, theatrical

Commercial - Advertising
People, products, lifestyle, catalog, architectural, interiors and exteriors, custom stock imagery, movie posters, postcards, image licensing

Fine Art
Concepts, stories, installations, multimedia integration, artist collaborations

Digital Imaging Services

People - add, remove, replace, enhance, sculpt, soften, sharpen, light and shadow contour re-shaping; face, body, hair and clothing accessories.

Products - background clean-up, remove or add reflections, and shadows

Color Correction and Lighting Effects
Color, contrast, dodging, burning, subject emphasis and highlight enhancements

Compositing - add or replace any element from simple to complex, pop-art style, to seamless realism

Photo Restoration - Film or prints scratch, blemish removal, color restore and enhance
Film and print scanning (all formats and sizes)

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Name:  Josh Wood

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