Respond.com was founded in 1998 to provide consumers information about businesses and for businesses to connect with informed consumers.

Respond.com INC was founded in Silicon Valley, CA in early 1998. It was acquired by TEOCO in 2003. Today it is privately owned by founder and CEO of TEOCO, Atul Jain.

Respond was an online lead generation company designed to connect buyers with sellers across multiple industries. The company's platform offered a spam-free way for consumers to request product information from companies, acted as a liaison between shoppers and merchants, and protected shoppers' anonymity while forwarding requests via e-mail messages to merchants selling items.This enabled consumers to have an information source and merchants to acquire customers. It also hosted 60+ Platforms for Industry leaders like Verizon SuperPages.com, Qwest DEX.com, Martindale-Hubbell® Online Law Directory, BridesandGrooms.com, WiserAdvisor.com, and many more.

Since 2008, Respond has focused only on the Financial Services Industry and provides consumers with informative financial tips and guides, advisors' verified client reviews, as well as a free match tool to help consumers find and connect with vetted financial advisors. For financial advisors, it acts as an efficient digital marketing platform for online lead generation.


To empower consumers
and enable them to make
well-informed financial

Respond has been in business for over 20 years in a very crowded marketplace. No business can survive through the ups and downs of time without listening to what people have to say. We hear you at Respond and believe in providing you with the right tools and resources to the best of our ability to help you make the right financial decisions and succeed. We are here to not only provide you with a knowledge base, but also to connect you with the right financial professionals that can assist you in your life's journey towards reaching your financial goals.



WiserAdvisor is an online platform dedicated to helping investors gain fundamental financial knowledge and find financial advisors that may help them reach their financial goals. The website empowers individuals by providing informative financial tools such as calculators, simple infographics, free downloadable pdfs as well as in-depth financial articles and blogs. For those looking to consult a financial advisor, WiserAdvisor has a robust directory of vetted financial advisors as well as a list of advisors near their location to compare and identify one that may be best suited to their needs. WiserAdvisor also connects well-intentioned investors to 2-3 vetted financial advisors through their match service at no cost to consumers.

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Paladin Research and Registry is a free online financial research tool investors use to explore detailed information about financial advisors, advisory firms, understand financial terms and other related financial topics. This financial research material is used to guide investors into making well informed financial decisions. Paladin Registry not only contains an abundance of free information for investors, it also consists of a directory listing of member financial advisors that passed a stringent vetting process and details the research report of each advisor or advisory firm. An investor may also choose to use the financial advisor match service provided by the website to connect and interview upto 3 financial advisors with absolutely no obligation to hire.

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RetirementPlanning.net is an online resource for everything retirement.The site is focused on helping consumers plan for their retirement. Retirement can be quite a challenge and can seem unattainable especially when one takes inflation and one's current cost of living into consideration. Retirementplanning.net provides comprehensive information on financial planning - saving, budgeting, investing, as well as how to spend wisely pre and post retirement. The informative blog on the website also covers important retirement account and plan related topics such as IRAs, 401ks, Social Security, Estate Planning, etc. The articles enable the consumers to make informative decisions about their future financial and retirement needs. The website also includes a free match service for those looking to find and connect with financial advisors for their retirement planning needs. It is a free personalized match service with retirement advisors who offer a free initial consultation.

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FinancialAdvisor.net is an online directory of registered financial advisors. It is also a digital guide that helps consumers understand the roles and functions of a financial advisor, such as why one should hire a financial advisor, services they provide, the different designations and types of financial advisors that exist, the costs of hiring an advisor, etc. The website also provides useful tools and resources to understand the complex world of financial advisory services and how to navigate through it. This site explains the many benefits of using a financial advisor for wealth management, retirement planning as well as other personal financial matters through its comprehensive articles. Additionally, through this online directory, consumers can also inform themselves on the best practices of financial advisors and connect with pre screened registered advisors, should they require professional guidance.

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FinancialPlanners.net is an online guide for financial planning as well as a directory of financial planners and advisors. The site was created to enable consumers to take better control of their finances and make the right moves when it comes to their money. Consumers are provided information that may help them plan out their finances and make the right investment decisions. Using consistently updated financial articles, and blog posts like "Key Components of a Good Financial Plan" and "Why It Is Important to Revisit Your Financial Plan in 2022", consumers are enabled and kept informed. Through this website, consumers may also connect with vetted financial planners, should they need a professional to create a financial plan for them. Each advisor/planner on the directory had been vetted for experience, compensation methods used by them and hold clean records. The advisors on this network are fee-only or fee based. Commission-only advisors are not included.

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lndyfin is an online investor experience platform redefining how consumers find, research, and connect with financial advisors. This website empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions by providing verified client reviews and ratings of financial advisors and advisory firms. The investors get an overall understanding of why fellow investors trust these advisors and firms with their crucial financial decisions. lndyfin also makes finding 'the right' advisor easier by providing independent validation of an advisor's credentials and work history. Additionally, an investor may also choose to use the personalized financial advisor match service provided by the website to interview and compare up to 3 financial advisors that suit their needs with absolutely no obligation to hire.

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RothIRA.org is an online comprehensive guide focused on informing consumers on the purpose, use and importance of Roth IRAs and retirement planning. This thorough guide illustrates key components on what a RothIRA is, how it is different from a traditional IRA, how to create a Roth IRA, the rules of RothIRA withdrawals, how Roth IRA funds are distributed and other pertinent information regarding retirement planning. The RothIRA.org website has been organized in a manner that allows consumers to research and evaluate their own specific retirement goals by reading through regularly updated articles, using the retirement calculators provided as well as by consulting a professional using the free financial advisor match service. These valuable tools are provided to help consumers navigate through important financial decision-making processes for themselves as well as their families.

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