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Our Philosophy ?to capture the day one moment at a time. Photography is an art that grants us the opportunity to capture a moment in time. From this moment we can see how our lives have changed, and which aspects have remained indelibly the same. Photography is our art ? the art of celebration and observation of character, spirit, and expression. Our intimate and carefree style allows us to capture the real moments of your life and present them like the unfolding pages of a Storybook. For weddings, our philosophy is to capture the day as it naturally unfolds using candid, documentary and still-life imagery. By capturing events as they naturally happen and keeping formals to a minimum, couples usually find they have much more time to themselves on their wedding day. Couples also find that the Storybook style better preserves the memory of the day, by allowing them to go back and re- live the whole day as it progresses. For portraits, our philosophy is similar. By having the portrait done at a place of your choosing the photographs are more natural, more relaxed. Being relaxed allows the true characters, spirits, and expressions of that special moment to be reveled in art. These real events become treasure memories adding to the Storybook pages of your life. We invite you to explore our website and discover our world of photography where together we create art, capturing the day one moment at a time and celebrating your life?s evolving changes ? engagements, marriage, pregnancy, children, families, grandchildren. Enjoy! Gregory

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Name:  Gregory DeNinno
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