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B2B Solutions, LLC

12101 Sterlingwood Ct, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23233

Business Description

Business To Business Solutions, LLC (B2B) is a technology-based consulting firm assisting senior management of leading organizations. Since our inception in 1996, we serve leading national and international firms with whom we build long-term relationships. We apply fact-based, commonsense analysis to information technology problems and follow through with the implementation of our recommendations. Our team of highly seasoned professionals has proven skills, knowledge, and abilities to assist organizations in leveraging People, Process, and Technology to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Our consultancy is focused around four solid components of service: Hi-level expertise in Oracle Database diagnosis and tuning to assist the many users of Oracle take their performance to levels unattainable with standard skills. Complex project management centered on PMI principles that ensure successful projects that are on time and within budget and original scope. Service level management thought leadership using a proven, ITIL-based methodology developed through years of hands-on experience. Documentation of program, procedure, and process elements that are often left unattended and lead to ineffective implementation and use.

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Name:  David Walton
Fax:  804-3464335

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